Antarctic sea ice videos/animations released

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday we released two videos about Antarctic sea ice produced in collaboration with AAPP and TERN:

Thanks in particular to @NBateman-bit for managing the communications to pull this together and launching these on social media and @Edoddridge for coming up with the original concept of this animation, consulting throughout the process and narrating final videos above. Also Mark Horstman for comms content and Nicolas Rakotopare for video editing.

If anyone wants to see the full visualisations that were created for this project, I’ve uploaded them to vimeo here:


All free and open-source tools were used to create these in python and I’m working on releasing the source code in the very near future. I’ll push it to this repo here GitHub - ACCESS-NRI/Visualisations: Visualisation examples and resources, including open-source 3D vis for ACCESS-NRI releases and update this post when it’s available.

For fun and to see how things improved as it went along, I put together a sped up compilation of all the versions of the Belgica voyage video from start to finish here: