Beautiful visualisation of dissolved inorganic carbon

Hey @hrsdawson this is the visualisation I mentioned at the ACCESS Workshop 2023 training day

It is by Riley Brady

Who is seems contributes to some of the same projects as @dougiesquire! Small digital world.

Info from the post in case it gets memory-holed:

[Data] This is the output of a high-resolution global ocean simulation of the DOE’s Model for Prediction Across Scales–Ocean (MPAS-O). It has 10 km hexagonal grid cells, and we seeded the ocean with 1,000,000 virtual “floats.” The lines here are the pathways of those floats all throughout the ocean depth over the course of one month.

[Visualization] This was visualized using ParaView. It’s colored by the dissolved inorganic carbon measured by the floats. Bluer colors show higher levels of dissolved carbon within the upwelling portion of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current and redder colors show the more depleted carbon in the subtropics. I didn’t include a colorbar because this is an aesthetic view of the region that I printed on a metal canvas.

[Notes] I didn’t add any layer for continents or anything really. This just shows the 2D projection of water parcels over a month printed on a black background. I.e., Antarctica and other continents emerge from the fact that the floats of course don’t travel across those domains.

[Resource] If you’re interested, here’s the pre-print of our publication on this simulation of ocean carbon, focusing on the upwelling of deep carbon in the Southern Ocean:

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