Biogeochemistry discussion at the COSIMA workshop 2023

This is a post to brainstorm discussion points and summarise discussion for the Biogeochemistry breakout at the 2023 COSIMA workshop.

Here are some initial discussion points, please add more below.

  • What are the outcomes / next steps from the ACCESS-OM2-01 BGC IAF evaluation? What science questions is the simulation useful / not useful for investigating?

  • What projects are underway / planned for using the ACCESS-OM2 BGC output? Are there additional ACCESS-OM2-01 simulations that the community would like?

  • With ACCESS-OM3, how can we improve on the BGC implementation / simulations run with ACCESS-OM2? What are the BGC priorities we should keep in mind during ACCESS-OM3 development?


For those of you who want to participate in the BGC discussion remotely (Friday 8/09 at 11:30am), please use this zoom link:


For context, see WOMBAT discussion from 2022 workshop.

Use this shared slideshow for recording the discussion and reporting back. Add as many slides as you need.

Is there much interest from the BGC community in an ACCESS-OM2-01 BGC RYF simulation? An RYF would allow for a longer spinup and clean perturbation simulations. Might be worth waiting for the WOMBAT iron improvements first?

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Hi all,

I’ll be doing some basic developments in my python version of WOMBAT, which is a 1D water column model.

Watch here: GitHub - pearseb/pyWOMBAT: Water column version of the WOMBAT biogeochemical ocean model written in python


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