BGC IAF validation hackathon

Just a note that there are plans afoot to have a COSIMA hackathon to validate the BGC diagnostics in the latest IAF run against obs. @hrsdawson has been building interest for this amongst the BGC folks. I think the plan is to get started on this in the next month or so.

Is this separate to the COSIMA Recipes hackathon?

Yes they’re different. COSIMA recipes hackathon is to develop analysis scripts. BGC hackathon is to compare existing ACCESS-OM2-01 BGC output against obs to see if the simulation is any good and to try to encourage user uptake of this IAF BGC output.

OK. I’m interested. There is some overlap with the COSIMA recipe hackathon. We could extend the recipe to provide that sort of evaluation / validation
Anyway, that’s directly relevant to #model-evaluation.

This seems like something Denisse (@lidefi87) would be interested in, given she said this:

My focus is on using outputs for ecological questions, so I would like to contribute some examples that would help other ecologists assess whether ACCESS would be a suitable for their research. But, I am also happy to contribute to make it easier for others, especially less experienced users, to access outputs and learn the basics of data manipulation.

Yes, the main drivers of this are @hrsdawson, @lidefi87 and @hakaseh.

Hi @hrsdawson, @lidefi87 and @hakaseh,

What about joining forces with the COSIMA Hackathon?
We could make sure that the data is available to the community before the workshop.

Happy to help, let me know if that could work.

Right, finally got my Hive acct. @rbeucher it would be cool to combine it with the COSIMA hackathon, but in the interest of time, I think there are a few of us who are keen to get onto this as soon as possible.

For anyone interested in the BGC Hackathon, here’s a poll to check availability in the first few weeks of December. Please fill it out if you’re keen to join, so we can find the best day.

It would be great to get as many people as possible involved, including those that use observations to guide us on which validation datasets we should use! Here’s a Github link to track the validation. Feel free to start populating with any diagnostics you want checked and/or any obs datasets we should be using.

BGC validation hackathons will be held on Thursday 8 Dec 1-5pm and Tuesday 13 Dec 1-5pm. Zoom link for both meetings:

A reminder that anyone interested in the BGC model output is welcome to attend, even if you’ve not analysed cosima models before.

Some observational and reanalysis datasets that have been suggested for validation so far include: WOA (dissolved oxygen nitrate, phosphate), GEOTRACES (iron), HYCOM (MLD) or bSOSE/SOSE (MLD), MODIS/SEAWIFS/VIIRS (surface chlorophyll and NPP models) . Does anyone know if any of these datasets or model outputs are currently stored on Gadi?

WOA-18 is available through the COSIMA Cookbook database.

@Paola-CMS would be the one to ask about the other datasets.

Brilliant, thanks @aidanheerdegen. @Paola-CMS do you know if the GEOTRACES data and/or surface chlorophyll from MODIS/SEAWIFS is already stored on Gadi?

@hrsdawson apologies, I saw this before but I’m struggling to follow the forum and slack and the Helpdesk :slight_smile: so ended up forgetting to post and answer. I don’t know about GEOTRACES data, we have some ocean colour data (all the satellite you mentioned) in:


Have a look, unfortunately this is not terribly well documented, so I’m happy to check if the data they want to use correspond to any stored there. This data is also limited to the Pacific region. It was downloaded for a specific project. I would suspect IMOS might know more about availability of the other datasets, as we don’t usually store much BGC data.

Thanks @Paola-CMS and no problem - I’m still getting used to the forum myself! I’ll check out that directory. I think we’ll definitely want it for the Southern Ocean/SH, possibly global. If we do end up needing to download some new data from IMOS, is this something we should ask CMS to do, so it can be stored centrally for others?

We’re happy to help, but we have limited storage currently so it always depends on the specific, also by tomorrow might be a tight deadline, I can’t guarantee to have it done, it might take 5 minutes or it might be more complex. Feel free to put the details in a Helpdesk ticket and if we really can’t do it we’ll at least give you a quick answer.

I really need time to re-organise this project, we also have some SOSE in ua8, again this would have been downloaded ad hoc:

HYCOM can be accessed via opendap, so as long as you don’t need a lot of it that could be a way to access it, they seem to have an aggregated form which would make the data across multiple files available via one url

Much appreciated, thanks @Paola-CMS. I’m checking out the directories and will consolidate what we need this afternoon. If there’s anything that doesn’t look too tricky to get (e.g. iron transects, chl), I’ll submit a help ticket.

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For next Tuesday 13th Dec, BGC hackathon 2, the schedule is:

  • 1-1:30pm (or longer if needed): Discuss plots that people have made by then.
  • 1:30-4:30pm: Hack!
  • 4:30-5pm: Discuss plots made during hackathon 2.