Cosima hackathon january?

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I asked Ryan @rmholmes to add this to the next COSIMA meeting agenda but I thought it would be good to have the discussion started here.

Not everyone is on the Hive so please let me know if someone needs to be added.
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A mix event with groups of people connected via a virtual meeting.

When ?

December is too close and February is going to be busy. I think the quiet time in January would work well. We probably don’t need more than 2 days but it would be good to know which week people think would be best.

  • Week 2 (09-13 January 2023)
  • Week 3 (16-20 January 2023)
  • Week 4 (23-28 January 2023)

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Some questions I have that can help with setting up the agenda:

  • What does COSIMA want to achieve with the COSIMA Cookbook?
  • What recipes would be interesting to have?
  • What are some datasets that need to be made available?
  • Discuss a Contribution Guide. This would also include some discussion on having some sort of template for the recipes…
  • Discuss a User Guide / Getting Started Guide and other relevant training materials that need to be developed (Including GitHub user guide)
  • Is there a need for a half a day training on GitHub and development practices?
  • Discuss the Continuous Integration / Testing needs. ACCESS-NRI is working on setting up that capability on NCI for release and model evaluation.

ACCESS-NRI would be happy to help organise the virtual meeting and can also host the ANU group.
We would also set up a project and allocate resources on NCI for the participants to use during the event.

Thanks @rbeucher. I think this would be a great idea. I imagine attendence will be better later in January?

I think a key thing to think about before and during the workshop is how to encourage people to feedback their scripts into the cookbook/recipes github, and provide guidance on how to do that (like your Contribution Guide, but with additional guidance on what kind of contributions are appropriate).

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I think the lower the barrier to contributions the better.
My experience is that people often don’t know what is appropriate and what is not.
They are also hesitant at sharing unfinished or unpolished examples…

That’s where ACCESS-NRI and MED in particular can help.
We could help with finalising and optimising recipes…

I think a review process is needed but I would personally encourage broad contributions.
It’s already the case with documented vs undocumented examples… It just that people often don’t have time to document them.

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Week 4 has invasion day on the Thursday so there will be some people extending this to a long weekend…

Yes. But we could do Monday - Tuesday that week.

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Something to maybe explore in the hackathon: Latest version of dask (2022.11.0) could fix many workflow issues

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[first post on here] I would enjoy participating in this for a day. I’d like to write a code to calculate mass transport stream functions in any arbitrary pair of coordinates. I have a proof of concept notebook and would love to spend some time with smart people helping to figure out how to make it work efficiently and conveniently for others.

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We are having the COSIMA Hackathon 2.0 on the last week of January 2023.

Which day? Vote below!

  • Monday Jan 23rd
  • Tuesday Jan 24th
  • Wednesday Jan 25th

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:rotating_light: :tada: Save the date! :tada: :rotating_light:

COSIMA Hackathon v2.0 on Tuesday January 24th, 2023 :spiral_calendar_pad:

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:man_technologist: :woman_technologist: :man_technologist:

(I’ll open a new thread soon with more info!)