Workshop on "Community-driven practices for analysing, coding, and sharing" + COSIMA Hackathon v4.0

It’s COSIMA Hackathon time… COSIMA Hackathon v4.0

This year, we thought we sprinkle with a few discussions/presentations for community spirit, good coding practices, ways to share code etc.

(We are still not settled – we need to hear from all of you first before we settle on what’s gonna happen!)

This is the first thread. Mark it, watch it, bookmark it, all information will start pouring here.


Where is the hackathon github page where we can suggest hacking ideas? I would love a team to work on the Denman voyage planning during hackathon v4.0:

Best way to suggest an idea is to make a new issue on the COSIMA Recipes repo, and then add the issue to the COSIMA Hackathon v4.0 Project page where we are keeping track of tasks for the hackathon.

One thing that would be nice to achieve at this Hackathon is to move towards our recipes using the intake catalogue to load data (rather than our old database). If this is of interest, we (i.e. ACCESS-NRI) could start some preparatory work to make this possible … comments welcome.

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:bell: Updates :bell:

Registration for July 1st: Hackathon Day + COSIMA Annual Dinner

At the COSIMA Annual Dinner, the cool metre goes off the charts, mixing sophistication with a dash of whimsy. It’s where elegance meets mischief, and fun is the guest of honour!

by chatGPT

Both the awards for the Hackathon v4.0 day and some of the annual COSIMA awards will be presented over dinner on July 1st.

We need you to register! This is not to make your life complicated but so we can have an estimate of number people that will join (so that we arrange catering + dinner reservations) but, more importantly, so that you provide us feedback regarding the Hackathon day so that we can tailor any the tutorials according to your needs!

There are separate registration forms for the “Hackathon Day” and for the “Ocean Modelling and Observations Workshop”; we apologise in advance that you might need to fill in TWO registration forms.

We gather everything here for your convenience:

that’s a great suggestions @AndyHoggANU!
could you, or @anton (who if I remember correctly had a PR related to intake opened before) put up an issue in the cosima-recipes and link it to the Hackathon v4.0 Project?

Actually there is an issue opened up already: Converting notebooks from COSIMA Cookbook to ACCESS-NRI intake catalog · Issue #313 · COSIMA/cosima-recipes · GitHub