How can we get new COSIMA recipes?

Hi All,

I thought I would get the discussion going on the COSIMA recipes so we can all clarify what is needed for the community.

I am referencing the google docs document that was initiated at the last COSIMA workshop.
Thanks for all those involved in putting the document together. This is a great starting point.

ACCESS-NRI and specifically the Model Evaluation Team can help in several ways here:

  • Curate / clean script sent by the user community.
  • Provide technical support in the design of new recipes.
  • Provide new recipes based on existing publications that the community find useful.

It is paramount that all contributions is acknowledged.

This thread is to get the conversation started on how we can increase the number of available recipes.

Let’s have another community hackathon!

This could include:

  • discussion of what new recipes the community wants,
  • which recipes need updating,
  • breakout training for people needing git help and
  • time coding together on the new recipes.

Maybe in December or January?

Happy to work on adding new recipes based on publications.
We just need to know which one the community would like to have.

For the benefit of others, what does this look like? Just ANU-local folks, or run it online too? In the past how many did you get along? Do you need assistance organising it?

Previous time many joined from UNSW and UTas. But back then it was the early romantic lockdown days (Apr 2020) where most people were not fatigued from zooms…

What I’m thinking now is perhaps something like people together in a seminar room in 3-4 unis and zoom connecting all of them? Perhaps we have a common zoom session for 1h30 in the morning, then go offline and we all work towards what we said and then have another common zoom session in the arvo?

Sounds excellent. I would suggest starting a new topic to organise/advertise this. Maybe have some specific goals in mind about what you want to cover, what might be missing or need updating. You can canvas ideas, then you can create a poll and ask people to vote on what they want to prioritise.

(Did I mention how good discourse is for this stuff?)

I like Navid’s suggestion, we should incorporate all (many) unis (i) to share the workload and (ii) to let everyone know that we want them to participate. In other words, I think there are two groups of people, those that mostly use the code and ideally submit one or two of their own code and those that are helping reviewing the code.

We should definitely have another hackathon, I think that January/February would have more participants than December. But I also think we could hype it up in the meantime during the COSIMA meetings, emphasising that everyone can make a meaningful contribution. We all have at least one recipe that we’re good at and that others could be interested in. People are shy!

There is no shortage of possibilities already listed in the issues with the hackathon label

I’ve organized a few hackathons in a similar way than suggested by Navid and the experience was quite positive. So I would definitely recommend you try it!

I like this, but what about those who are not available to go to a Uni but still contribute?

Zoom in for each session? Then be at wherever they want to be.

I think we should also make sure that we have 1-2 people available on zoom at any time so that people can pop in and ask questions about difficulties they stumble upon.