CABLE offline build failing due to CMake Error on Ubuntu

Trying to build the CABLE offline component locally on Ubuntu 22.04. I have followed the build instructions for the dependencies (netCDF-fortran and an Intel fortran compiler). I am using

./build.bash --clean

and have tried with both most up-to-date CMake (3.29.0) and minimum version (3.24.2). The error arises after the target executable cable has been built. Attached is a truncated message log.

[ 99%] Building Fortran object CMakeFiles/cable.dir/src/offline/cable_driver.F90.o
[100%] Linking Fortran executable cable
[100%] Built target cable
-- Install configuration: "Release"
-- Installing: /home/nri-084058/CABLE/./bin/cable
CMake Error at build/cmake_install.cmake:55 (file):
  file RPATH_CHANGE given FILE "./bin/cable" that does not exist.

The target at ./bin/cable does exist and is a directory. Feel like Iā€™m missing something here, but not sure what it is.

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Fixed (or just bypassed) the issue by passing -CMAKE_SKIP_RPATH=TRUE to the build step i.e. by invoking


Thanks to @SeanBryan51

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