Call for abstracts: AMOS2024 session on severe thunderstorms: processes, prediction, impacts, and changes

Hi everyone,

We are calling for abstract submissions for our session no. 6 at AMOS 2024, severe thunderstorms: processes, prediction, impacts, and changes.

AMOS 2024 will be held in Canberra from 5-9 February 2024. Abstract submissions close on 1 September 2023.

We are interested in abstracts relating to all aspects of thunderstorm science, from process studies to climate change effects to discussion of individual hazards.

Our session description is as follows:

Severe convective storms cause significant damage every year in Australia and around the world, with impacts from extreme wind gusts, large hail, and heavy rainfall that can lead to flash flooding. Knowledge gaps exist concerning the physical processes governing these hazards, their relationship to the large-scale atmospheric environment, and past and projected changes in their frequency and severity. The need for more accurate, timely and user-oriented forecasts and warnings of convective hazards also necessitates advances in high-resolution modelling and remote sensing, as well as a better understanding of the links between these hazards and their impacts. In this session we welcome contributions dealing with the latest thunderstorm research, including process understanding, prediction of thunderstorms and associated hazards, storm impacts on assets and society, and the changing nature of thunderstorms in a warming climate. Interdisciplinary work that crosses between research and industry is encouraged.

The session is convened by Tim Raupach, Rob Warren, Salomé Hussein, and Harald Richter.