CMIP Seminars (call to present or attend)

:earth_africa: Dive into cutting edge climate science with CMIP Seminars! :earth_africa:

CMIP is launching a new seminar series! On the last Wednesday of each month, they are hosting a one-hour online seminar featuring three speakers from across the breadth of the CMIP community. Register now as a speaker or an attendee.

Speaker sign up: Interface Form - Airtable

Attendee sign up: Interface Form - Airtable

:studio_microphone: Call for Speakers: Are you a climate science expert, researcher, or enthusiast using or producing CMIP data eager to share your insights with a global audience? CMIP is seeking speakers to present at our CMIP Seminars. Whether youโ€™re delving into groundbreaking research or applying CMIP data in unique ways, your science deserves to be heard! Seize this opportunity to share your work across the climate science community. Sign up now to become a speaker: Interface Form - Airtable

:woman::microscope: Join as an Attendee: Are you curious about the latest advancements in climate modeling and the implications for our planetโ€™s future? Join us at the CMIP Seminars as an attendee! Engage with leading experts, gain valuable insights into climate research methodologies, and discover how CMIP data is shaping our understanding of the Earthโ€™s climate system. Sign up today: Interface Form - Airtable

:date: Save the Date: Donโ€™t miss out on the opportunity to be part of the CMIP Seminars. Mark your calendars for a series of engaging discussions, enlightening presentations, and networking opportunities with fellow climate science enthusiasts on the last Wednesday of each month. Times will alternate between 05:00 and 15:30 UTC each month (edited)MIP i

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