Error when calling experiments that are stored at cj50

Hi all,

I am trying to reproduce my old code and keep getting this error:

FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: b’/g/data/ik11/outputs/access-om2-01/01deg_jra55v13_ryf9091_easterlies_up10/output1022/ocean/’

I noticed that the “easterlies down/up” experiments have changed location to cj50 since the last time I used them, but I was told that it should still be accessible through the cosima database (as per my code), as long as I have the gdata/cj50 location in my storage line when you open ARE/gadi_jupyter. It was already there though, so I must need to update something else.

Any leads?

Thank you!

Just making sure: Are you a member of cj50 project on NCI?

Yes, it looks like there is nothing wrong with my membership. Still current.

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I’d guess that the COSIMA Cookbook database hasn’t been updated for the new location.

@micael might be able to assist.

As a work around until the COSIMA database is updated (if that’s the problem), you could make your own database for these simulations by following this tutorial.

I just tested accessing this data (which is here /g/data/cj50/access-om2/raw-output/access-om2-01) and the experiments with easterlies in the names still aren’t accessible from the main COSIMA database. Do we need to manually add them to the COSIMA database? @micael @aekiss

The indexing log seems to indicate that there are several experiments in that location with easterlies in the names that are in the database:

Indexing: /g/data/cj50/access-om2/raw-output/access-om2-01/01deg_jra55v13_ryf9091_easterlies_down10
Indexing experiment: 01deg_jra55v13_ryf9091_easterlies_down10
Indexing: /g/data/cj50/access-om2/raw-output/access-om2-01/01deg_jra55v13_ryf9091_easterlies_up10_zonal
Indexing experiment: 01deg_jra55v13_ryf9091_easterlies_up10_zonal
Indexing: /g/data/cj50/access-om2/raw-output/access-om2-01/01deg_jra55v13_ryf9091_easterlies_up10
Indexing experiment: 01deg_jra55v13_ryf9091_easterlies_up10
Indexing: /g/data/cj50/access-om2/raw-output/access-om2-01/01deg_jra55v13_ryf9091_easterlies_up10_meridional
Indexing experiment: 01deg_jra55v13_ryf9091_easterlies_up10_meridional

@adele157 Can you tell me if there are any experiments missing from this list? And are you able to access the experiments from the above list?