Where to store new Southern Ocean obs data set by Kaihe Yamazaki?

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Kaihe Yamazaki (et al.) developed a four-dimensional climatology of the Southern Ocean (south of 40°S and above 2,000 m) using Data Interpolating Variational Analysis. It includes under ice Argo data and shows some strikingly large differences from SOSE. The paper is under review, but the data is available now.

We would like to make this new obs data set available to COSIMA via the experiment explorer. Where should we place the data on gadi?

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Hey @PSpence, thanks for pointing out this new climatology!

Very silly question: when you say “experiment explorer” are you talking about the “COSIMA cookbook”?

No silly questions in my world.


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Is there any appetite to write data catalogs for gridded observation-based products once storage location is sorted?

Hi @PSpence. I’d suggest asking this question at the COSIMA working group (WG) meeting. ACCESS-NRI allocates compute and storage resources to the community to use to support shared activities. It’s up to the WGs and their co-chairs to coordinate and prioritise how these resources are used, with oversight from the ACCESS-NRI Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC).

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