ESMValTool-workflow drop-in session: 8 December 2023

For registrants, here are the zoom details for the ESMValTool-workflow drop-in session scheduled for 10:00 am AEDT Friday 8 December 2023.

Zoom link
Meeting ID: 823 3701 5011
Password: 022677

All participants are encouraged to post comments under this topic if they have ideas or suggestions about future ESMValTool training, e.g. intermediate and advanced usage, or specific use cases. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to monitor and respond to comments here in the ACCESS-Hive Forum in real time here during the session.

If you would like an in-depth consultation with ACCESS-NRI and ESMValTool experts about a specific ESMValTool workflow question please lodge a support request via the process described here. ACCESS-NRI will follow up about your support request as soon as possible.

Thanks @rogeredberg

I put together some key points to help with the discussion:

  1. Introduction of the ESMValTool drop-in session series (@rogeredberg)
  2. Announcing the CMIP7 ESMValTool Hackathon (@rbeucher)
  3. What is ESMValTool? (@rbeucher)
  4. The ESMValTool-Workflow v1 for the ACCESS community on NCI Gadi
  1. Training material available
  1. ESMValTool and CMIP7?
  2. What’s next?
  • Live CMORiser for ACCESS-ESM
  • Observation datasets (BOM data?)