Evaluating the Atmosphere for CMIP7 (ESMVALtool Hackathon update)

Hello Atmosphericals,

For those who were unable to attend the Hackathon held in Aspendale last month, here is a summary of what the Atmosphere Breakout Group decided were necessary parameters for verification.

There are two types of verification: 1) the sanity check verification that occurs before the model is frozen i.e. “does the model follow the laws of physics or is there something wildly unrealistic happening” and 2) the verification that occurs after the model has been frozen and run i.e. “is this model good enough for my specific scientific question”

The purpose of this table is for assessing the 1st type of question not the 2nd. i.e. Is there a Hadley Cell NOT is the downward branch of the Hadley Cell within x degrees latitude of ERA5.

With that in mind, is there anything important you think is missing?

Remember we want to balance simplicity of workflow with effective evaluation. So it’s better if it is something that can be assessed relatively easily/with a simple index etc.

Link to google sheet

Table description:
Row headings show variables and column headings show types of evaluation/parameters we think are important to consider. Red/green colours are already in the ESMval recipe book, purple/grey are additional suggestions from the breakout group at the hackathon.

If you make an edit, please state it in this thread too and perhaps explain why it is important.