Experiment Proposal: Fixing DMS Ancillary files in ACCESS-AM2 runs

Experiment title :bell:: Fixing DMS ancillary files in ACCESS-AM2 simulations

Summary :bell::
I have several runs (4) in which I had assumed that the DMS climatology followed that of GA7.1. I have recently found that it was actually using an outdated climatology. I would like to re-run these simulations with the correct climatology. The runs are exploring aerosol sources in the ACCESS-AM2 model, which are significantly underestimated. They include a control run, turning on boundary layer new particle formation and primary marine organics, and enhancing the sea spray flux. See post here: ACCESS-CM2/AM2 DMS Ancillary file error
Scientific motivation:
Improve aerosol representation in ACCESS-AM2
Experiment Name :bell:: dg657_control
People :bell:: Sonya Fiddes
Initial conditions:
Run plan: runs are 6 years, 4 x experiments, 2014-2019.
Simulation details: Hope to start ASAP
Total KSUs required :bell:: 80KSUs per simulation = 320KSUs
Total storage required :bell:: No storage needed
Outputs: Lots
Related articles: Control run is described here ACP - Southern Ocean cloud and shortwave radiation biases in a nudged climate model simulation: does the model ever get it right?




@heidi @cnf @Yi_Huang

Any objections? Simulations are ready to go, for inclusion in a publication that is pretty much fully drafted

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I am happy for Sonya to go ahead!

Sounds good to me.

Cheers, Yi