ACCESS-CM2-025 storage request

Experiment title: ACCESS-CM2-025 storage request


This request is for storage of a re-run of the initial present-day ACCESS-CM2-025 simulation which has the following improvements:

  1. updated bathymetry: small changes on Antarctic continental shelf that fixed crashed resulting from too shallow ocean around Antarctica (new bathymetry version under /g/data/ik11/inputs/access-om2/input_20230515_025deg_topog)
  2. new interpolation weights: uses patch interpolation for the wind stress to reduce imprint of coarser atmospheric grid
  3. changed diag_table to output data per time and not per variable for easier analysis (new diag_table under /g/data/p66/wgh581/diag_table_COSIMA_20230922)

Scientific motivation:

ACCESS-CM2 with a 1° ocean was one of Australia’s contributions to CMIP6. Recent improvements in the configuration of ACCESS-CM2 suite allow for long climate simulations to be undertaken with an ocean at a higher lateral resolution of 0.25° that allows ocean eddies to be resolved across most of the globe. The configuration can be used to investigate the extent to which intrinsic ocean variability (i.e., the variability induced by ocean eddies) modifies large-scale decadal climate variability.

Experiment Name: ACCESS-CM2-025
People: @wghuneke
Configuration: present-day configuration
Initial conditions: starts from year 950 ACCESS-CM2 (1° ocean) pre-industrial spin-up
Total KSUs required: -
Total storage required: (approximate)

  • Now: 5 TB for 100 yr simulation
  • Future: 25 TB for complete 500 yr simulation

This includes history files (monthly output) and restart files (every 10 yr).

Having the model output stored under the ESM WG would allow interested WG members to easily access and analyse the data.

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Dear Wilma,

We have discussed your request among the WG co-chairs and have decided to grant your storage request.


Thank you, I’ll move the first 100 yr of the model run to the ESM WG project.

100 yr output of ACCESS-CM2-025 with an updated bathymetry and new interpolation weights are now under /g/data/lg87/wgh581/cz861.

The ESM community is welcome to analyse various aspects of the run.