Proposed Experiment

Proposed experiment: present-day control run - similar to the one Wilma has run but coupling the lower resolution ocean with a higher resolution atmosphere. This could be a complementary experiment to the high-res ocean present-day control.

I put this here to gauge interest - happy to discuss further in person with anyone at the workshop this week.

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It would be great if the specific resolutions are spelled out, as everyone might not be familiar with the models @wghuneke has used.

will check details and update - it was suggested to me it would be better to put this up pre-ACCESS workshop with less detail and add detail later in case anyone wanted to chat in the workshop - rather than wait a week and put up a more detailed post. Hope that is ok

Fair enough!

There’re currently 2 CM2 configurations, the standard (CMIP6) configuration has a 1° ocean and N96 atmosphere (~1°). The second configuration has the same atmosphere, but 0.25° for the ocean.

I guess Nicola’s suggestion is to have a higher atmospheric resolution (N216) and the low 1° ocean resolution.

I’ll have a poster at the NRI and ESM WG workshop introducing the existing CM2 configurations. I’m keen to get input on what configurations are of interest to the community. Feel free to come by and provide feedback!

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