Atmosphere-only science experiments with UM

Hi all.
I am interested in doing atmosphere-only, (relatively) coarse resolution model experiments and thought I would try and read up on the UM. Is there any local documentation of how one would go about designing and running an experiment with the UM/ACCESS on GADI/NCI? Is it even advisable to explore such an experiment with the UM or should one look elsewhere (ie. CESM etc.)? I would be looking for a model that has some flexibility (aquaplanets, changes in topographical features, prescribed heating anomalies etc.). Has anyone used ACCESS/UM for this type of experimentation?
Thanks in advance for any advice.

Hi @Michael_Barnes, I don’t know how to run the UM in atmosphere-only mode. But, I have set up the coupled model ACCESS-ESM1.5 in a Miocene configuration, i.e. with widespread changes to topography and land-sea mask. So, I have some experience adapting the atmosphere boundary conditions to different setups.

There are others who have run the UM in atmosphere-only mode, and played around with different land-sea mask settings. I think @Dietmar_Dommenget and @abhik have tested a few configurations in atmos-only mode and have managed to move Australia as a test of changing the land-sea mask.

It might be worth having a discussion with them?


Dear Michael,
@abhik and I have a set up that is ACCESS UM in N48 low-horizontal resolution in which we managed to change topography and move land. It is also combined with a slab ocean model, so it may be possible to do aqua planet set ups.

It may still need some work to make it do what you want, but we are happy to help. That said I will be gone travelling until Feb. 11.

@Michael_Barnes @dkhutch


Hi @Dietmar_Dommenget @dkhutch. Thanks so much, this is good info. I will definitely get in touch with you next month after your travels.

Hi Michael, sorry I’m slow to the party here, but I have set up and run ACCESS-AM2 at the N96 resolution and run a few other experiments here and there. You can see the basic model setup here: ACP - Southern Ocean cloud and shortwave radiation biases in a nudged climate model simulation: does the model ever get it right?
Happy to chat about this if you like!

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