Experiment Proposal: ACCESS-ESM1.5 in idealised worlds

ACCESS-ESM1.5 in idealised worlds

We will run 300yrs long simulations with the ACCESS-ESM1.5 in which the land-ocean distribution is idealised to study ENSO and tropical basin interactions. We will do several such experiments with different land-coean configurations.

The aims are:

(1) Extend the capability of ACCESS for blue sky research
(2) Test ENSO theories.
(3) Build a basis for deep paleo studies.

Scientific motivation:

In a recent study such experiments have been done with a low-resolution GFDL model that resulted in highly interesting outcomes for ENSO theory and tropical basin interactions. They challenge our understanding of ENSO dynamics. See reprint:


Experiment Name: ESM1.5 idealised worlds
People: Dietmar Dommenget and David Hutchinson
Model: ACCESS-ESM1.5
Configuration: default
Initial conditions: idealised
Run plan: single member 300yrs.
Simulation details: idealised land sea configurations as in Dommenget and Hutchinson 2024, starting with the solo150 and twins experiments.
Total KSUs required: 300KSU per experiment → about 3 to 10 experiments → so about 1 to 3MSU
Total storage required: ~1TB temporary
Outputs: TBA / (default) / only monthly means will be kept.
Restarts: TBA
Related articles: dommenget.and.hutchinson.enso.idealised.worlds.submitted.2024.pdf





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