Experiment Proposal: ACCESS-N48 coupled model runs in idealised ENSO epxeriments

I like to use about 300K CPU in this quarter to run a set of of idealised land-sea distributions to highlight the skill of the ACCESS-N48 coupled model for the study of ENSO. The plan is to do about 5 runs each ~300yrs long with different tropical ocean basins to study how ENSO period, amplitude, dynamics and tropical basin interactions relate to the basin geometry.

This pending on the optimistic assumption that I will manage to get the model reconfiguration working within the next week or two.

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Dear Dietmar,

I would like to know about the land model utilized in the N48 version. Could you kindly confirm whether the N48 version incorporates the CABLE land model?

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Dear Arnold,
I have been told it does, but better ask @abhik or @atteggiani

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I think the ACCESS-48 configuration was created only by getting an ACCESS-CM2 (N96) configuration and interpolating it onto the N48 grid.

Therefore, it should have CABLE as the land component.

To be sure, @Scott would be the person to ask, since I think he put together the configuration in the first place.