How to convert LLC (.data and .) output file to regular lat-lon grid data

I was just wondering if anyone has codes to convert LLC (.data and .) output file to regular lat-lon grid data?

Can you provide more information about this data format? How is is structured? Is there a relevant web link with a technical description of the format?

Have you read this tutorial?

It seems to step through the process. There are also instructions for loading this data into xarray Datasets, which I would highly recommend. This provides a lot of incredibly useful and easy to use functionality, and is the main library used in this community to manipulate and analyse ocean data. So there would be people on this forum who could assist if you had any problems, and you could make use of existing xarray based analyses like the COSIMA Recipes.

Interestingly these are files produced by MITgcm, which I know some people in the Australian community use.

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Thank you so much!
I have solved this problem now.

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