New python package for water mass transformation calculation

Henri Drake and friends (including @janzika) have developed a new python package for Water Mass Transformation Budgets, called xwmb.

The preprint describing it is here. And the code is here, including an example notebook and even an example MOM6 diag_table to output the correct diagnostics.

Henri says it is “designed to be readily adapted to output from other models such as MOM5, ROMS, MITgcm, Oceananigans, etc. If you are interested in using it for anything, I would be happy to help you get it up and running with your model output.”

Would there be any interest in having @janzika or Henri present this in a weekly COSIMA meeting?

Here’s an example application:


Thanks for the plug Adele! I confess I am not actually a developer of the software package. My contribution was really to the theory in the paper. But from what I have played with it is a great package and initiative that welcomes contributors and users.


I’m keen to hear more about it at a weekly meeting.

@adele157 - looks like you are already in touch with Henri about this. Do you want to ask him? Alternatively, I’m happy to reach out.

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