MOM6 Regional Model Generator

I gave a talk in the COSIMA meeting last week about the regional modelling pipeline that @john_reilly @angus-g and @ChrisC28 have been working on.

I think I forgot to give people the Github repo though! It can be found here. I’ve updated the demo notebook to have heaps of markdown, which for now is a placeholder for the file which needs some love.

The module is far from finished but it’s ready for testing by the community, and naturally we’d love any feedback.

Could someone who knows how Zoom works please share a link with the recorded meeting in case that’s helpful to people who want to give it a go?


The link is now up in the minutes from that meeting. Sorry it took a while, I fell behind.


Update: I’ve just pushed some pretty major changes that make the demo notebook more usable for larger domains. For anyone who’s tried testing it so far I’d recommend pulling this latest version

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