Regional / coastal discussion at the COSIMA workshop 2023

This is a post to brainstorm discussion points and summarise discussion for the Regional / coastal breakout at the 2023 COSIMA workshop.

Here are some initial discussion points, please add more below.

  • How can we better share knowledge between different regional / coastal modelling communities in Australia (e.g. grids, bathymetry, understanding of open boundary processes)? Consider the benefits of:
  1. Working with ANCOMS (Australian National Coastal Ocean Modelling System), ACCESS-NRI and IMOS in GlobalCoast (GOOS CoastPredict program under the UN decade of the ocean) to coordinate efforts nationally and internationally.

  2. Holding a joint ACOMO (Australian Coastal and Oceans Modelling and Observations) / COSIMA workshop in 2024.

  • What do we know about the sensitivity of MOM6 regional configs to open boundary condition parameters? Can we better share or improve our knowledge on this?

  • What are our priorities (in order) for facilitating use and development of MOM6 regional model configs? e.g. Documentation, sea ice (CICE6) boundary forcing, tidal forcing, atmospheric coupling.

Use this shared slideshow for recording the discussion and reporting back. Add as many slides as you need.

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