Hydro-JULES webinar announce

The Hydro-JULES community is giving a webinar on 28th/29th November covering

  • Hydro-JULES past, present, and future.
  • Improving hydrology in the JULES land surface model.
  • Groundwater modelling at the British mainland scale: current status, the next iteration, and associated challenges
  • Hydro-JULES Education Success through Engagement & Outreach.
  • Data Assimilation in Hydro-JULES.
  • Hydro-JULES applications: helping plan for hydrological extremes, from a season ahead to 2080.
  • DataLabs: Online platforms to support access to Hydro JULES models and data.

Registration and dial in details at Hydro-JULES Registration

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I won’t be able to be there. If anyone attends, it would be good to have a summary at the Land working group meeting afterwards.