The JULES joint land modelling program (JLMP) convened a meeting on the 6th April 2023. Representatives of both CABLE and JULES users in Australia were in attendance. Key notes/outcomes for the JULES, CABLE and ACCESS communities in Australia are

  1. The exo-JULES project started in April 2023, runs for 18 months, with the aim of creating a proof-of-concept/demonstration code base and undertaking community engagement. exo-JULES will create a NGMS/LFRic compliant front-end for JULES to enable simpler development of the land models and facilitate the pull through of science from land-only to coupled configurations.
  2. An effort to reinvigorate the JLMP will be forthcoming - a key focus will be the creation, development and ongoing maintenance of key configurations for JULES to facilitate the coordination of research and development.
  3. Focus areas for the International Land Modelling Forum are being developed - these are i) benchmarking, sharing of modules and datasets, iii) model complexity, iv) model accessibility and v) the role of machine learning in land modelling. The ILMF is open to all interested individuals - please sign up to the mailing list under the link above if interested.
  4. The JULES Science and Applications Committee will be tasked with discerning whether, and how to build communities around shared diagnostics and participation in land-centric MIPs (e.g. TRENDY and ISIMIP).
  5. There is a recognition that resourcing the technical systems and support critical to make JULES an accessible model is problematic.