Indicator for allocated storage has disappeared

I had a look at Grafana today for the ACCESS-NRI project on the Project Usage ALL dashboard. It looks like the line for the total allocated storage has disappeared from Grafana. I’ve checked the same board for CLEX and it’s the same. @dale.roberts I think you’ve made some modifications recently, any idea what is going on?

Hi @clairecarouge. There was a big update to grafana a few months ago that broke a lot of things. I restored it as best I could, however, it looks like I missed those pages. I’m working on it now and I’ll let you know when its done.

OK. restored for “Project Usage ALL” dashboard. Grafana obsoleted the ‘Graph’ visualisation that all of those panels used and some of the settings didn’t transfer across. I’ve changed them to ‘Time Series’ and reentered the SQL queries that give the ‘Total’ and ‘Limit’ values.


Thanks a lot.

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