Grafana post-accessdev

The Grafana instance at will need a new home when Accessdev is retired.

One solution would be to stand up a new instance on another cloud tenant. Perhaps we could have a shared ansible setup so each institution can have their own server.

Any thoughts @Aidan, @dale.roberts?

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It’s one of the thing we would like to discuss at the NRI workshop, I would like for this to be part of a broader plan on all shared infrastructure as opposed to tackle them one by one.

Sounds good to me, does this fit into the existing discussions or should we set up a separate meeting?

Definitely keen to collaborate. We had (tentative) plans to host on a Nectar/ARDC VM, but made no progress on that to date.

I agree with @Paola-CMS that this is part of a broader discussion. My apology, I never did resuscitate the infrastructure meetings as their raison d’être was taken away a bit by the NCI spack model building effort of Ben’s team.

We can revive those meetings though, if we think that is worthwhile.

There’s no meeting setup at the workshop I don’t think there’s a session for the infrastructure, all CMS is going to be there, however not every day, definitely Dale and I will be there all week, so maybe Friday if that’s less busy? I’m not sure who exactly should be there from a NRI point of view

That’s correct, but I’m sure we could carve out some time, and clearly visitors are the time constrained ones, so happy to do what works for you all.

I am taking a COSIMA training session at 11.30 on th 8th I believe, but apart from that I am free all Friday.

Hey @Scott

I can’t say that I’m a fan of either of those ideas. I’m trying to move CLEX more towards managed services and away from NCI at the same time. Letting people like us loose on blank VMs with sensitive data and public DNS entries is a recipe for getting said sensitive data stolen. Here is a particularly pertinent example: U.S. ‘No Fly List’ Leaks After Being Left in an Unsecured Airline Server. Unfortunately I haven’t come across a managed service similar to grafana that doesn’t cost a lot. This is why, as @Paola-CMS says, we need a plan. Is there a plan for NRI to hire sysadmins and/or cybersec specialists? If so, blank VMs stood up with ansible start to look more viable. What about reducing the reliance on NCI? Looking beyond NCI offers opportunities for researchers to access more compute and storage resources, and the accessdev shutdown can be a catalyst for that.

I’ll be in Canberra Monday to Thursday