JEDI 6 available on Gadi

JCSDA’s JEDI Data Assimilation package is now available on Gadi

The hu77 project has JEDI’s public packages. It is open for anyone to join.

JEDI / Skylab 6

Load JEDI with

module use /g/data/hu77/modules
module load jedi/6.0.0

This is the Skylab bundle of packages, which includes support for FV3 and MOM6 models.

Skylab 6.0 Release Notes
JEDI Documentation 6.0.0

Build Environment

A containerised build environment is also provided, which you can load with

module use /g/data/hu77/modules
module load jedi-build/2023.12

It provides a command imagerun that you should put in front of any commands that use the container (not neccessary for the prebuilt jedi module).

Build and run your own version of Jedi with:

git clone
imagerun ecbuild -B $PWD/jedi-build -S $PWD/jedi-bundle-src
imagerun make -C $PWD/jedi-build
imagerun $PWD/jedi-build/bin/fv3jedi_hofx.x config.yaml