JRA-3Q as a replacement for JRA55?

JRA55, which is used as the external forcing to ACCESS-OM2 is ending this month. The Japanese Met Office have now released JRA-3Q, which might be a viable replacement?

It seems to be based on a similar algorithm to JRA-55

Credit to @pat_wongpan for finding this :slight_smile:

Thanks @anton and @pat_wongpan. Does anyone know if there will be a JRA3Q-do (tweaked for driving ocean models) based on that?

There is already an “ERA5-do” under development.

Hi @aekiss, I just asked my Japanese colleague (Shun Oishi from RIKEN) about this. It turned out, the correspondence at Japanese Meteorological Research Institute mentioned that they would not proceed with the creation of JRA3Q-do, while they recognize ERA5-do under development at NCAR. Dr Urakawa at MRI (surakawa@mri-jma.go.jp) is in charge of this matter, so it might be good to contact him if you are seeking more detailed information.


Thankyou for this valuable information Kaihe :slight_smile:

Thanks @kiahe_yamazaki for letting us know

Thanks all. I would like to point out this upcoming conference which could be a good place to discuss about this https://confit.atlas.jp/guide/event/icr6/top?lang=en

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Development of a new ERA5-based ocean forcing dataset is underway, and will be called CFORCE. For more details see Gokhan Danabasoglu’s talk and slides from the 2024 CESM Ocean Model Working Group meeting.

Thanks @aekiss. Good to hear the effort going into this.

And thanks @AndyHoggANU for bringing up @mauricehuguenin’s repeat decade forcing paper (we use repeating cycles of 1962-1971, Drivers and distribution of global ocean heat uptake over the last half century | Nature Communications) in the questions at the end. For OHC studies I think this is an important thing to consider (as for BGC stuff as Gokhan mentioned).

I’m hoping that there will be some Australian/COSIMA contribution to CFORCE going forward? In particular, it would great to point out to them the initial work we already did in getting an ERA5 forced version of ACCESS-OM2 working (on github). We ran into a few of the same problems that were discussed in that talk (excessive 10m winds, no run-off etc.).

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