Quick question about the JRA55-do forcing

I have a very general question about the JRA-do and how it forces the thermodynamic changes at the surface of the ocean. When I read that e.g. air temperature is prescribed by JRA55-do, does this mean the same air temperature was prescribed in all experiments JRA55-do is used as the forcing e.g. RYF and IAF?

No, the forcing is not the same.

IAF stands for interannual forcing. It’s the full JRA55-do record. Something like 60 years.

RYF stands for repeat-year-forcing. It’s only one particular year of the IAF (the most neutral one) that we loop on repeat.

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Also, to note (in case it wasn’t clear) that JRA55 provides things like surface air temperature, wind speed, humidity, etc – then we have another “Data driven atmosphere model” (known as YATM) which applies the bulk formulae to calculate ocean-atmosphere fluxes (or ice-atmosphere fluxes) of both heat and momentum…


Thank you both.
This was helpful and answers my question.


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more details on IAF / RYF etc are here: ACCESS-OM2 Control Experiments

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