MOM6-community / MOM6-AnalysisCookbook

GFDL and friends are putting together a github organisation for shared MOM6 tools / analysis scripts, similar to our COSIMA Recipes.

The main github page is MOM6-community and there are some analysis notebooks on the MOM6-AnalysisCookbook repo. They are welcoming contributions from all.

This might be useful for us to link to somewhere on the ACCESS-OM3 wiki? And perhaps we could consider further at COSIMA Hackathon # 4 on 1st July about whether we would like to link into these (e.g. either adopt some of their notebooks into our recipes, or contribute to their repo or link between them somehow).


Definitely! – Nice suggestions @adele157.

Also it will be useful if we link COSIMA in the MOM6-AnalysisCookbook repository. The link ideally should be two way. We can open a PR in their repository suggesting where e.g. in the docs they can point to our repo.

Thanks for highlighting this @adele157. A possibly controversal opinion is that having one or a few “collections” of peer-reviewed, documented, and curated “recipies” for climate, ocean, and atmospheric metrics / diagnostics across the entire global climate science community should be the aspiration?

( by “collections” I suppose I might mean repositories or packages or just folders of notebooks with a master py file full of functions?)

In our corner of the planet how might all this dovetail with the ESMvalTool effort? (NB: I am rather ignorant about ESMvalTool and have yet to try to make use of it)

I just came across nbscuid, which seems related/relevant: and GitHub - rmshkv/nbscuid: Notebook-Based, Super CUstomizable Infrastructure for Diagnostics

Also see this talk from the CESM2023 workshop. More detail in this talk and slides.

Makes use of some packages I didn’t know of:

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