MOM6 global high resolution run

Hi everybody,

As part of the regional model development that @john_reilly and @ashjbarnes and myself are undertaking, we would like to run a set of experiments to test the effects of nesting of the regional domain in a global model. To do so, we’d like to keep the regional model and global model as similar as possible. For example, to date, we’ve been nesting the regional model in the 0.1 degree long RFY global run. This run is based on MOM5, while the regional model is MOM6, and its difficult to attribute differences to the effects of the regional nesting, or the underlying model dynamics.

A high-res, global MOM6 run was performed at the end of 2022. Unfortunately, 3D outputs are saved as monthly averages, when to test the effects of regional nesting, we would ideally require daily output. Would it be possible to run another year of the global MOM6 RYF config with daily 3D outputs?

@AndyHoggANU is still running the hycom vertical coordinate global 01 config (though currently stopped?), so could probably switch on some extra diagnostics.

I also have a year of daily output from year 2 of ACCESS-OM2-01 and GFDL-OM4 if you’d like to try those. For the panan we are trying to use boundary forcing from very early on in the run (year 2), so it’s close to obs. If your regional model is a different resolution to the boundary forcing, I think there’s no guarantee that it will be biased in the same direction as the global config (at least that’s what we’ve found for the panan).