Projects for the working group resources - Q4 2023

The ACCESS-NRI Working Groups can access some computing and storage resources for use by the community, through the ACCESS-NRI Community Merit Allocation Scheme. In summary, this resource allocation is, in priority, to be used for experiments using ACCESS configurations maintained by ACCESS-NRI and provide access to HPC for early career researchers. But other usage that benefits the community can be undertaken if the resources allow for it. Details can be found in the Merit Allocation guidelines.


In order to organise how we are using these resources, please propose your experiments as a new reply to this topic. Use the following format to describe your experiment (don’t fill a category if you don’t know):

Project name: (Name for the scientific project proposed)
Project contact person: (Name of the person who will coordinate the project)
Project description: (One paragraph or bullet points to describe the project, including model configuration(s) used)
National benefits and interest for ACCESS development: (How does this project address scientific priorities aligned with national benefit or maximise the impact of the ACCESS’s software ecosystem or how does this project align with ACCESS development)
Project beneficiaries: (Who will use and/or benefit from the outcome of this project whether through the created data or software)
Duration of the project (in quarters): (How long do you need resources from the ACCESS-NRI Merit allocation scheme)
SU required (in kSU/quarters): (Estimate of the number of SUs required for this project for each quarter)
Storage required for the duration of the project (in GB): (Estimate the quantity of storage you will need until the end of the project. This data accounted for here will need to be removed in some way by the end of the project).
Data curation plan: (Detail your plan to remove the data at the end of the project. If you would like the data to be kept as a Reference Dataset, please fill in a request for that as well).

Projects proposed summary

Below is a table summarising the proposed projects for 2024 Q4:

Project Name Project Contact Post with project details SU, first quarter (kSU) SU, second quarter(kSU) Storage request (GB)
(Name of the science project) (Contact person) (Link to post with details for the project) (SU request for 1st quarter of the project) (SU request for 2nd quarter of the project) (Storage request)