Session 3 Breakout 1: : What could we get out of CMIP7

This topic contains discussions, questions and thoughts for Session 3 - Breakout room 1 of the CMIP7 Workshop
Time and Date: Tuesday 28th February, 2023 from 2:00 - 3:30 pm

Why get involved?

More vigorous/open model evaluation in CMIP

Australian focus, hopefully better performance

CMIP focus on common problems can adavance science (aerosol/cloud)

If we want a local model for Australian researchers, a model that hadn’t participated in CMIP would seem a bit suspicious and unattractive.

Provides a focus for students, career development

Would investment be better in downscaling rather than the global model?

BARPA downscaling has benefited from data availability of ACCESS (extra scenarios).

Key science questions

Stability of forest carbon sequestration

Stabilisation scenarios, future emissons budgets for stability

Large scale mean state biases, double ITCZ. Effect on future rainfall changes

Climate sensitivity uncertainty is important, but we probably can’t contribute much in this time frame.

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