Session 4 : Australia's role in CMIP7

This topic contains discussions, questions and thoughts for Session 4 of the CMIP7 Workshop
Time and Date: Tuesday 28th February, 2023 from 4:00 - 6:00 pm

Chair: Andy Pitman

Speakers and topics for this session:

Report back to the session from breakouts & discussion (1 hour)

Australia’s role in CMIP7 (30 min)

Short talks (5 min) from each member of a Task Team:

Climate Forcings Task Team (Zeb Nichols, Melbourne University (TBC) or Tilo Ziehn, CSIRO)

Climate Data Citation Task Team (Yiling Liu, NCI)

Climate Data Request Task Team (Chloe Mackallah, CSIRO)

Strategic Ensemble Design Task Team (Andrew King, Melbourne University, virtual)

Questions & discussion on what input we might have to the task team process (task team members)

Template Slides for each Breakout Group discussion are now in each of the topics for each room