Session 6: Breakout room 4: Data processing, management, publishing

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Time: 11:15 am - 12:45 pm (Tammas)

Obviously this isn’t starting at 11:15, when is it starting please?

Sorry there was a bit of delay this morning, but this session is starting now!

This is the current APP4 software

Note that it is publicly accessible, but it is not publicly developable: it requires an account on the NCI gitlab instance to issue a merge request.

If it is to be updated for CMIP7 it should be transferred to a public git repo, preferably GitHub.

EDIT: Note that APP4 on gitlab is archived, and development will not take place on the repository on the ACCESS-Hive Github organisation, which was created to support ACCESS Community development projects

The ACCESS-Archiver tool has also been migrated from gitlab to the ACCESS-Hive GitHub

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What is the current disk footprint for the ACCESS CMIP6 submission?

Are CMIP7 data requirements only for the submission or for all models to allow for general model comparison?

@aidanheerdegen - roughly 700TB published for Australia’s cmip6 submission. ESGF has a dashboard where you can view size of the submissions and many other cool stats: ESGF Data Statistics (tagging both @chloemackallah or @Yiling might have more to add).

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Notes from breakout session:

data_breakout_group_tamams_loughran.pptx (24.6 KB)