Session 7: Next steps and wrap-up

This topic contains discussions, questions and thoughts for Session 7: Next steps and wrap-up
Time: 1:45 - 3:30 pm

Is reproducibility and provenance of inputs and outputs part of the data workflow?

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NUOPC automatic remapping of fields between components will relieve some of the pain of changing resolution, and coupling via exchange grids avoids degrading the resolution of fluxes passed between a high resolution component and a lower resolution component

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On resourcing CM3: as Christian Jakob mentioned yesterday: trillion $ decisions are being made based on models built on a shoe-string budget (and almost entirely reliant on international partnerships). It’s time for this to change if Australia wishes to be prepared properly for upcoming climate change.


If ESMValtool can only handle CMIP style data does that mean it is useless for other scientific research problems which are not specifically CMIP?

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Some notes from the discussion:

  • Writing out the options and resources/current capacity available (avenue for funding).
  • 2-3 options:
    a. bid CSIRO does it
    b. community/consortium approach
  • Importance of Involving EMCRs
  • If some of the ACCESS-NRI submissions lean in CMIP7 will help for next round
  • Options page, Business case or project plan?
  • Important decisions need to be made with different timelines
  • Can we learn from CMIP7 – do we need a CMIP7 coordinator role?
  • Climate projections example . Should we have Climate modelling?
  • Write a draft report within a week
  • Involving the department (s)

Yes, I think ESMValTool expects CMORised data. I see that it provides a set of CMORisers that can be included in the evaluation workflow. I wonder how robust/versatile these are :thinking: