Um2netcdf4 not working after maintenance (change to /g/data3 alias)

The issue is here which we have no authority to modify. Need some help!!

under this file:


set help “Conversion of UM fieldsfiles to netCDF”
set prefix ~access/apps/pythonlib/um2netcdf4/2.1
set install-contact “”
set install-date “2023-01-16”
set url “

conflict pythonlib/um2netcdf4

if ![ is-loaded conda/analysis3 ] {
module use /g/data3/hh5/public/modules
module load conda/analysis3

prepend-path PYTHONPATH $prefix
prepend-path PATH $prefix
setenv UMDIR /g/data/access/projects/access/umdir

We might have quite a lot this kind of files. We need help to modify them.

Thanks for the heads up. There are 4 affected files in ~access/modules.:

[dr4292@gadi-login-09 modules]$ grep -r data3 .
./pythonlib/um2netcdf4/2.1:    module use /g/data3/hh5/public/modules
./pythonlib/um2netcdf4/2.0:    module use /g/data3/hh5/public/modules
./pythonlib/umfile_utils/cmip6:    module use /g/data3/hh5/public/modules
./pythonlib/umfile_utils/access_cm2:    module use /g/data3/hh5/public/modules

The permissions are set such that only @MartinDix can fix this. Fortunately it seems that due to ‘popular demand’ NCI has re-instated the /g/data3 symlink as of 11:15am today. Still this should be fixed, we can’t assume the symlink will be around forever.

Hi Arnold,

the um2necdf script will be available in the future within other set of tools to manipulate ACCESS ancillary files.
For now, since it’s still in a pre-release form, you can do the following:

  1. Load the conda/analysis3-unstable module:
module unload conda
module load conda/analysis3-unstable
  1. clone this repo:
git clone
  1. Use the tool under amami/amami/
    For complete usage instructions, run -h

Note: The tool is still in a pre-release state (that’s why it’s not fully on Gadi yet), but should work fine with most of the files.

Hope that helps

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