What is the best version of Rose/Cylc to use under hr22

What is the best version of Rose/Cylc to use under hr22?

I am using the Rose/Cylc setup under /g/data/hr22/modulefiles that I used at the om02 training workshop. I have been successfully using module load cylc7-rose/7.9.7_2019.01.7 for a while now until it broke today.

Luke Hoffmann suggested that I use cylc7/23.03(default), which I have and I am now happy.

I was wondering what the best setup in this space is and if we are going to follow a similar naming convention to hh5 with the conda environments - Picking the latest cylc7/YY.MM (or is that cylc7/YY.VERSION`?) that we find as minor tweeks are required?

cylc7-rose/7.9.6_2019.01.7(default) and cylc7/23.03(default) appear to be identical (with the exception that the fomer has an issue currently.)

Reference: Help Request - “[NCI] (CWSHELP-3109) Error starting rose suite using hr22”



Quick answer to the question is use the latest cylc7 module available which would be the highest cylc7/YY.MM you can find. I will provide a better answer when I am not on my phone.