xCDAT, a new Python package for climate data analysis

xCDAT is a new package that provides extensions to xarray for climate data analysis on structured grids. It looks like it has a well-supported development team and some handy tools already. More info in this Pangeo Discourse post and in the documentation.


Looks like the race is on to see if LLNL can come from behind to outpace NCAR in the quest to modernise the legacies of CDAT and NCL. :wink:

Good to see this. The daily climatology method should avoid quite a few mistakes as the leap days are handled in a correct way! Calculating Climatology and Departures from Time Series Data — xCDAT Documentation

xcdat is included in the NCI pyAOS module

NCAR’s geocat is there too.

Neither in the hh5 conda/analysis3 at the moment.

Looks good! Is it going to be included in the hh5 conda/analysis3 module?

@JuliaN it is now. I have a few other things to take care of this morning, but I’ll try to have it installed this afternoon. Anyone interested in geocat as well?

@JuliaN I’m afraid I’ve hit a wall on this one. Unfortunately there has been an update to the ‘pygmt’ package that requires an update to the ‘libgdal’ package that has yet to come though. This means that if I update the environment now by installing xCDAT, it will be broken. The only solution is to wait for that ‘libgdal’ update to come through. I’ll keep an eye on it, and when that’s happened and xCDAT has been installed without anything else breaking, I’ll let you know.

@JuliaN . I was not able to install xCDAT in the current analysis3-unstable environment, as there are some packages with dependencies that have since been removed from conda forge, and the package list was not able to be resolved, meaning that conda refused to update the environment whether xCDAT was included or not. Instead, I’ve created a new analysis3 environment, analysis3-22.10, which has xCDAT installed. Unless there is a significant problem with this environment, it will become analysis3-unstable on Monday.