ACCESS-NRI Skillshare

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UM Partnership Communication Channels

The UM Partnership and related organizations use various channels to communicate and organize. These include:

  • The MOSRS Wikis, Trac systems and Subversion repositories for multiple projects
  • The UK Met Office Sharepoint site
  • Various GitHub repositories
  • Related web sites, repositories and systems such as CEDA, Jasmin, Cylc, SciTools, etc.

This Skillshare would be an introduction to these channels and a tour through some of them.

NUOPC - coupler choice for future CMIP7 ACCESS models

Overview of NUOPC and why it is the coupler choice for the next generation of ACCESS models for CMIP7.

NCI Overview

Overview of NCI, its stakeholder/entitlements model and basic how-tos for user and project self-management.


This is a session for anyone to get help/suggestions regarding any matter (often software/code based) in their everyday job.


If you want to present a matter to the session, please comment below with an overview of the matter.
You can also present the matter directly at the session, but precedence will be given to the matters already present in the list below, in order of appearance.

I would like to speed up the startup of my Python CLI package. How can I check what’s causing most delay? How can I try and solve the problem?