ACCESS-OM2 moved to ACCESS-NRI on GitHub

In case anyone missed it in today’s COSIMA meeting, ACCESS-NRI has taken on responsibility for ongoing support of ACCESS-OM2, so new ACCESS-OM2 experiments and code development should use the latest code release from ACCESS-NRI/ACCESS-OM2 and configurations from ACCESS-NRI/access-om2-configs.

The ACCESS-OM2 code and configuration repositories at COSIMA · GitHub are deprecated and will no longer be updated. You can continue to discuss things on existing issues there, but please post new issues on the ACCESS-NRI repos.

For more info see ACCESS-OM2: Release Information - #3 by Aidan.

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Consequently, to keep up to date with any new developments in ACCESS-OM2 you should click “watch” in the repos for code ACCESS-NRI/ACCESS-OM2 and configurations ACCESS-NRI/access-om2-configs.