ACCESS-OM2: Release Information


ACCESS-OM2 is a global coupled Ocean-Sea Ice Model developed by COSIMA.


ACCESS-NRI has assumed responsibility for supporting ACCESS-OM2 for the Australian Research Community. As part of this support ACCESS-NRI has developed a new build and deployment system for ACCESS-OM2 to align with plans for supporting a range of Earth System Models.


ACCESS-NRI is releasing its first supported version of the ACCESS-OM2 model.

This version uses the spack package management system to build and deploy the model. This is a very different system from that used by COSIMA, however it is bit-reproducible with the equivalent COSIMA ACCESS-OM2 build.

This release is enabled by a modern DevOps build, test and deployment pipeline developed at ACCESS-NRI. This core software infrastructure will be used to build, test and deploy all ACCESS-NRI models in future, improving efficiency, reliability and reproducibility. All DevOps pipelines are configured and run from GitHub, so they are open and discoverable, including software deployments at NCI.

The key components of the DevOps pipeline:

  1. Continuous Integration (CI) testing
    Modular, centrally maintained and makes it trivial to add to any model code repository, allowing ACCESS-NRI to scale to support many models simultaneously.

  2. Continuous Deployment (CD) of software
    Modular automated continuous deployment pipeline on NCI. Efficiency makes supporting many models possible. Provides reliable and timely model releases to the community.

  3. Spack, a build-from-source package manager for software building and deployment
    All ACCESS-OM2 components now support being built and managed by the spack package manager. Spack is an essential element in the CI build and deployment pipeline: it facilitates building the complex software ecosystem necessary to build modern climate models reproducibly, reliably and across many platforms.

Who is this for?

This initial release can be used by anyone, though only a subset of model configurations are currently supported (see below). This initial release is a proof of concept of our automated deployment pipeline. We welcome any feedback.

There are plans for more extensive support, including upgrades to tools and easy access to model metadata and provenance information. Using the ACCESS-NRI released model now provides improved provenance immediately and more comprehensive testing and quality assurance in the future.

How to use the model

It is necessary to be a member of vk83 project to use ACCESS-NRI deployments of ACCESS-OM2. See NCI Documentation for more information about how to join a project.

Model Configurations

The supported method to use ACCESS-NRI released ACCESS-OM2 model versions is via supported model configurations, which utilise them.

ACCESS-NRI supported configurations are available in this repository:

ACCESS-NRI will be supporting the standard ACCESS-OM2 model configurations, namely 1°, 0.25° and 0.1° global simulations with Interannual (IAF) and Repeat Year Forcing (RYF) based on JRA55-do reanalysis.

The 1° global configrations are the first to be supported with this first release of the ACCESS-NRI supported versions of the models. More supported model configurations will be added as time and resources permit, and will be announced using this topic.

Environment modules

ACCESS-OM2 is also available through the NCI environment module system. The model is deployed using spack, so models are released within a specific spack version.

To access these modules:

module use /g/data/vk83/apps/spack/0.20/release/modules/linux-rocky8-x86_64

To see available access-om2 modules:

module avail access-om2

which produces

----- /g/data/vk83/apps/spack/0.20/release/modules/linux-rocky8-x86_64 -----

and to load a particular version

module load access-om2/2023.11.22

which produces

Loading access-om2/2023.11.23
  Loading requirement: oasis3-mct/2023.11.09 libaccessom2/2023.10.26 cice5/2023.10.19 mom5/2023.11.09

The access-om2 module loads modules for specific model component versions.

Using module load will add the locations of the model component executables to your $PATH environment variable, as well as set other variables.

You can get some more information from a module with module show, e.g.

$ module show mom5/2023.11.09

module-whatis   {MOM is a numerical ocean model based on the hydrostatic primitive equations.}
module          load libaccessom2/2023.10.26
module          load oasis3-mct/2023.11.09
conflict        mom5
prepend-path    --delim : PATH /g/data/vk83/apps/spack/0.20/release/linux-rocky8-x86_64/intel-
prepend-path    --delim : CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH /g/data/vk83/apps/spack/0.20/release/linux-rocky8-x86_64/intel-
setenv          SPACK_MOM5_ROOT /g/data/vk83/apps/spack/0.20/release/linux-rocky8-x86_64/intel-

Currently modules are provided as an information source to help expose what models are deployed and supported at NCI. Using the models via modules will be supported in the future, but this is not a currently supported mode of use.

What should I do to be notified of any updates?

You can watch this topic, and be notified by email of every update to released versions.

All released ACCESS-OM2 models are deployed directly from the GitHub repository and the releases page contains information of all releases, including detailed information of the build provenance and deployment location:

Where do I ask questions?

Replies to this topic are disabled.

If you have specific questions about this release follow the guidelines for requesting help from ACCESS-NRI.

If you have questions about access-om2 create a topic in COSIMA and tag it with access-om2. If you require assistance follow the guidelines for requesting help from ACCESS-NRI.