ACCESS Workshop 2024 - Input for breakout sessions

The ACCESS Community Workshop Program Committee would like to invite you to attend the ACCESS Community Workshop 2024 We are also asking for your input on breakout session topics, as well as people interested on chairing those breakout sessions.

Please reply to this post with your suggested topics and let us know if you are interested on chairing that session (or suggest someone else to share it), before 5 pm, Wednesday June 26, 2024.

Registrations and abstract submissions for talks, posters and lightning talks will open soon.


What When Where and how
Training Day 2 September Kambri, ANU, Canberra (in person only)
ACCESS Community Workshop 3-5 September Shine Dome, Australian Academy of Science(AAS), Canberra, hybrid

Workshop aims

  • Showcase innovative science and modelling approaches

  • Build community around the ACCESS models

  • Learn about new components developed for ACCESS

  • Share knowledge between Community Working Groups and foster new and existing community-wide collaborations

Workshop Themes​

In 2024, the Program Committee seek to bring together people across all the ACCESS communities (Atmosphere, Ocean and sea-Ice, Land Surface, Earth System Modelling, Cryosphere and Forecasting & Prediction) to present and discuss current and emerging topics, both technical and scientific around the following broad themes:

  • Model development and model evaluation for CMIP7

  • High resolution modelling

  • Paleoclimate and ice-sheet modelling

We need feedback from the community about what you want to discuss at your breakout sessions.

So please comment and contribute with your ideas for breakout sessions based around the workshop themes.

I propose a breakout session on urban representation (dataset and parameterization) in ACCESS-NRI land models


I’d like to propose a breakout session on “regional climate modelling and ancillary generation for the nesting suite in the UM”

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My proposal: Contributing to developing next version regional reanalysis for Australia

Motivation: Atmosphere/land reanalyses is an important weather/climate data for use as forcing for downstream model experiments or as a reference data for evaluation, calibration and machine learning model training. Regional reanalysis supports these by providing more localised information. Development of Australian regional reanalyses (BARRA) has been largely driven by the Bureau of Meteorology, but will broader collaboration with the community in its development lead to reanalysis products that better serve the community? - Most definitely. Planning for BARRA3 (next version) is underway and this proposed workshop aims to gauge community interests to contribute to its development, and in what shape or form.

BARRA3 is expected to focus on convection-permitting scale (1-4 km), covering whole of Australia, targeting to nest in the next ECMWF ERA6. There are several development areas:
(1) increasing observations assimilated through observation data collation and QC,
(2) improving how they are assimilated through data assimilation method development and use of ensemble approach,
(3) improving the models, such as improving the local ancillary describing the land surface over the span of the reanalysis,
(4) suite development and optimisation to improve robustness and efficiency,
(5) the opportunity to use ML methods e.g., to circumvent compute limitations, for offline analysis, and
(6) a comprehensive evaluation and benchmarking plans and tooling for new reanalysis products, to better inform downstream users.

Note: I’m unsure if how well this fits into the scope of NRI, happy to be knocked back.

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