Anonymous mode: What is it and how do you use it?


A description of anonymous mode, what it is useful for and how to use it.

Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to create topics, or reply to other topics, anonymously. Some do not feel comfortable posting in a public forum. Anonymous mode allows logged in users to assume an anonymised identity to post to the forum.

How does it work?

How it works is covered in this topic

Note that the anonymous user id is automatically assigned, is unique to you (no-one else will be assigned that id), but it is not permanent. After a week if you change to anonymous mode you will be assigned a new anonymous id and will no longer be able to edit/delete posts from the previous anonymous id.

What is the intended use for anonymous posting?

The intention for enabling this mode is to acknowledge that not everyone feels safe asking questions in a public forum.

In some cases this is because of bad prior experiences in other public spaces on the internet where communities are less welcoming, or in some cases downright rude.

In other cases it might be intimidating for newer members of the community who are concerned that they appear less knowledgeable and worry this makes a bad impression.

Our goal as a community should be to be so welcoming, inclusive and friendly that anonymous mode is rarely, if ever, required.

What is NOT intended use for anonymous posting?

Anonymous mode should not be used to side-step our code of conduct or contravene the terms of service.

How anonymous is anonymous mode?

No normal user can determine who posted anonymously. However admin users can determine the local account corresponding to an anonymous account, but the process is not automatic, and takes some time and effort to discover. This will not be done without good cause, e.g. when anonymous mode is abused.

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