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This topic will be where updates to this Forum are posted. This might be changes to configuration, addition of new capability or changes in guidelines or terms of use.

It will act as a mailing list

so anyone can watch this topic to automatically be notified when there are updates to the forum

Please do not reply with questions to this topic. Either find an existing topic in Site Feedback or create a new one.



Changed default email notification to “always” to ensure mailing list style topic updates are delivered by default.


This may have slightly increased the amount of email notifications you receive from the forum. Before this change you would not be notified if you were active on the forum within 10 minutes of an update to any topic you are following.

Note this is only the default setting. You can change your settings in preferences in the “Notifications” section.


Anonymous mode has been enabled.


We have a new logo! Woo hoo! Thanks @NBateman-bit

This is to make it easier to distinguish the Forum from the main ACCESS-Hive website, so users were clearer about where they are.

I’ve replaced as many of the previous icon as I could find (as it was used as a place-holder in many places), but if I’ve missed any please let me know.



In case people didn’t realise this forum has mathjax support enabled, which means you can do LaTeX like maths
On it’s own line

\sqrt{(-1)} \; 2^3 \; \sum \; \pi

and inline \sqrt{(-1)} \; 2^3 \; \sum \; \pi works as well.


Post voting is now enabled. This enables stackoverflow style voting on replies:

This has been a long-requested feature (ping @holger)

I have turned this on by default for the Technical category, but it can be enabled in any topic (see above link to Discourse Meta).

EDIT: I have turned it off again for the technical category by default. I had feedback that this was confusing for users, as it has quite a different format. Note that any post can utilise this functionality, but rolling out by default might need to be re-thought. One possibility is to have a dedicated Q&A sub-category of technical for this.

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There is a new field with the sign-up window to (optionally) select a working group to join.

This triggers an automation to add the user to the selected working group.

The idea is to reduce the number of steps required for new users. At this stage it is optional to select a working group, but it is highly recommended.


Watching Working Group Topics and Categories

As a follow-up to the previous update, we have made changes to facilitate on-boarding for the forum.

The take-home is this: join your working group!

If you do this you no longer need to specifically watch the announce topics, we’ve made it so that members of a working group automatically watch specially tagged topics (the announce topics).

We’ve also set the default so that members of a working group will get notified of all new topics in their working group sub-category. This has the added benefit that you can then reply to an email about a new topic that have actions on the forum. Supported operations are:

  • +1 or like: likes the post
  • watch: watches the topic
  • track: tracks the topic
  • mute: mutes the topic

So if you reply to a new topic just with the word watch you will receive all subsequent replies to that topic.

These changes, combined with the ability to join a working group when you sign up, are designed to reduce the barriers to users getting the information they need when they join the forum.

Working Group Navigation Bar

A section has been added to the left hand navigation bar to make it easier to find and join working groups:

wg section

These are links to the relevant “About” topic for each working group which detail what the group does, who are the important people to contact, what topics to watch (less important if they join the group and this is done automatically).

This is also an attempt to reduce the barrier to users finding the right place to go to join a working group.