ESM Working Group Reference Datasets FY23-24


ACCESS-NRI would like to know the needs of the Working Groups for Reference Datasets. We would like to know what datasets of significance for the working group you would like to have hosted in a published data collection at NCI within the financial year 23-24. We need to create a list of likely datasets that will be ready within this timeframe so we can start the data management process for these datasets with you and NCI.

What is a Reference Dataset

A Reference Dataset is data that is of significance to the community and will be used by a range of users. Possible examples:

  • Datasets for input in climate models (forcings, ancillary datasets etc.)
  • Datasets for evaluation of model outputs
  • Reference model outputs that are used widely

What we need from you

Proposing datasets

If you have a dataset you think

  1. can be considered as a Reference Dataset
  2. Will be ready for publication before June 2024

Please reply to this topic with:

  • Dataset name
  • Dataset URL
  • Contact to liaise with publishing data (name and organisation)
  • Dataset details, in particular to demonstrate importance to the community, e.g. temporal and spatial coverage, nature of dataset (observations, reanalysis …), static or regularly updated
  • Current required storage in GB, projection for next year if not a static dataset

Voting on datasets

This topic has post voting enabled. You can make short comments on replies but you can also vote on replies. This is an experiment to crowd-source information about which datasets you value.

Up-vote datasets that are important to your work, or you think are important for Earth System and Coupled modelling at NCI. You can down-vote datasets you think should not be included. Feel free to comment as well to provide context on why you voted a certain way.

Keep up to date

If you are a member of the ESM Working Group you should have received this topic as an email, as we have changed the defaults so Working Group members always get notified of new topics in the Working Group category. This is to ensure you don’t miss important information.

Consider watching this topic if you want to stay updated on what is happening with datasets for the working group.

Datasets list

Below is a table that I will update summarising the most voted datasets proposed by the working group:

Dataset Proposer Contact Storage (in GB)