Archiving the Trac tickets and Wiki

As we all know, is being retired in February. I propose to archive the Trac and Wiki to a new ACCESS-NRI repository,
Most of the contents of this archive will be obsolete, but it may help in tracking the history of changes to some of the older models and model components, such as CICE 4.1 and UM 7.3 in ACCESS-ESM1.5

  1. Can this be a public repository, or are there licensing restrictions that prevent this?
  2. @MartinDix I need access for the NCI user pcl851 to the directory /home/trac/db on so that I can migrate Trac along the lines of Trac to GitHub migration · ACCESS-NRI/dev-docs Wiki · GitHub

@MartinDix The accessdev host is due to be retired after Thursday’s NCI shutdown. This means that I essentially only have until Wednesday to migrate the accessdev Trac and Wiki. Could you please make /home/trac/db readable to pcl851 (or even world-readable if appropriate)?

Readable now

Thanks. Read access works.

I have now archived the accessdev Trac and Wiki within the limitations of the archiving tools.

Please see Issues · ACCESS-NRI/accessdev-Trac-archive · GitHub for the archived issues, and Home · ACCESS-NRI/accessdev-Trac-archive Wiki · GitHub for the archived wiki.

The method used to create the accessdev Trac archive is based on the method used to archive the CABLE Trac.

When I archived the accessdev wiki, I found a bug in Tractive, which I will report as an issue. Essentially, Tractive cannot archive wiki pages with file names containing spaces.

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