CMIP climate model ensemble evaluation framework

Dear all,

I am Alberto Meucci a post-doctoral research fellow in global ocean wind-wave climate at the University of Melbourne. I am about to complete the new UoM/CSIRO CMIP6-derived 8-model global wave climate ensemble. The wave climate ensemble is produced at 0.5° resolution globally, with two models with continuous 140-year climate simulations (1961-2100) and six models with historical (1985-2014) and future projections (2071-2100) 30-year time slices.

Before providing this dataset for public use, we have to assess its performance. As we are about to commence the ensemble performance assessment, I thought it would have been appropriate to ask this community if it has already an established framework to perform CMIP climate ensemble evaluation. If not, I would be happy to discuss with anyone interested in it, how we could establish a common ACCESS community framework to evaluate climate models @rbeucher

Looking forward to hearing from you.


HI Alberto,

Sorry for the late reply. Would be great to discuss this further. Happy to have a meeting with you.
Can you send me an email